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etc.Grants will focus on around

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etc.Grants will focus on around upgrade weapons and military facilities built, especially a new generation of bomber, carrier, tanks and other weapons research and development will receive priority financial support.On March 3, the first global think tank the brookings institution John Thornton - cheng li, director of the China center ushered in the first chinese-american.In western cluster of American think-tank, but with the in-depth study on China's leaders new balance 576 australia  rushes out their own path, because the first predicted China's leadership "technocrats" rise rapidly among the world top experts said.On March 4, but an interview with reporters said that future work will focus on the research of China the leadership of the provincial government.The li cheng at the helm of America's top think-tank, the centre, will no doubt to the bridge, a think-tank, cooperation of China and the United States.'Lead the team top Chinese problemAt the brookings institution is the thousands of the most prestigious think tank, in order to "high quality, independence, influence," rand corporation, pressure at the Carnegie endowment for international peace, the center for strategic and international studies, such as agency, for many years been rated as the first global think-tank.Learn to focus on diplomatic relations, the global economy and national governance, opinions for the decision of the government, and deliver high quality talents for the government.The brookings institution, John Thornton China center was established in 2006, mainly focused on the rise of China and its influence on American and China's neighbours and the whole world, and to provide cutting-edge research and analysis.On 21 February this year, li cheng was appointed director of the center for Thornton, took office on March 3,, rose as the top problem the team leader in China.His team gathered in the numerous political star, including a former national security council director of Asian affairs Jeffrey bader, the Clinton years Kenneth lieberthal, a special assistant President for national security affairs at the brookings institution, 


director of the center for northeast Asian policy studies BuRuiZhe etc, many of them are still the Obama administration officials a source of information.Key research provincial and municipal governments leaders in the futureOn March 3, cheng li led his star team embarked on a new journey.Although back at the brookings institution this big tree, but believe that maintain leading position in the center of the Thornton must rely on continuous innovation.He said that China's changing need thinkers continuously monitor, provide prospective analysis.Li cheng, center march and April will hold more activities, strengthen the communication young scholars in China and the United States, topics include the future of the relations between the two countries, the growth of the group of young entrepreneurs influence, etc.They will also strengthen the study of China's provincial government leadership, to promote the interaction between state governments and China's provincial government.In addition, they will also be looking to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, for the democratic and republican candidates, members of congress will provide advice.At the   new balance 580 online same time, they will also focus on the nineteenth congress of the communist party of China.Li cheng also plans to recently published two books.First book mainly summarizes MAO zedong, deng xiaoping, jiang zemin and hu jintao, xi jinping, five generations of leaders such as the characteristics of the administration, told about led by the former two strongman political era as the collective leadership of the era of major political transition, and China's political structure, the control rules of the political elite, and the profound change of the policy formation process.The second book is still in Shanghai middle class as the research object, mainly based on the investigation from 2009 to 2014, about Shanghai expat and local differences and changes of the 


middle class values.Suggested that China maintains independence, a think-tankAs the leadership of an American think-tank, cheng li on the development of Chinese think-tank.Chinese think-tank, he said, there are a lot of very good people, have done a lot of valuable research, especially research field in China's economic and social problems.In addition, China is now also appeared similar to the "revolving door" phenomenon, but mainly retired officials into think-tank, rarely appear young think-tank members into the situation of the government, he believes that this phenomenon will be improved in the future.He suggested at the same time, China's think-tank academics to strive for more international influence and power, this key is to rely on guarantee the quality of research and independence.Brookings institution is important, he notes, rely on is set for a long time for the pursuit of "high quality, independence, influence", rather than the much more involved with government officials.They set up various rules to ensure independence, that is, at the beginning of the donations to inform the other party does not influence the study itself, the researchers can't support a party in identity in the society, each year to declare property gained such as speech, etc.Cheng li also suggested that China's folk think-tank has more inclusive, looking forward to one day see China to appear in American studies, a think-tank, American   new balance 501 for sale leadership.Interview in the end, li cheng spoke highly of the Chinese leader xi jinping's ruling in the first year, he actively talked about the vigorous anti-corruption struggle, the trial of former chongqing party secretary bo xilai, and the third plenary session of the communist party of China (18 mentioned comprehensively deepen reform.Li cheng are optimistic on China's future development.He said, China has experienced the most rapid development in history, o

push forward the reform

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premier li keqiang.Delegates also clearly noticed this change, when after the prime minister li keqiang, this paragraph of words, suddenly broke into a round of applause.Reform, deepening reform, push forward the reform, reform...The government work report "reform" two characters appeared in 77.Reports indicate the direction of the work in 2014, expressed the determination of deepening reform in the government.The report also proposes eight new balance 420 cheap  "new words", involving fields widely.Also much mention "the livelihood of the people, by the netizens voted the most populist, grounding gas report.77 "reform"Open the report, further promote the reform of administrative system, deepen the reform of the financial system, we must deepen the reform of the distribution system, speed up the reform of investment and financing system...In this report, there have been 77 times, "reform" become the highest frequency in the report.Many of the people's congress, say 77 times "reform" indicates the direction of the work in 2014, expressed his strong determination to deepen the reform, the government let all people see the hope of a better life.Eventually the government work report, a member of the state council research office of the director of the east, according to this reflects the administration have the courage to reform, dare to bear, is responsible for a concept.Report is one of the biggest bright spot, through reform over the past year work first summarizes and decentralization transform function, it is also a pledge.According to understand, zhu work report mentioned "reform" of the communist party of China 62, wen work report referred to "reform" total 56 times.Four "first"The first clear economic beltReport priority to the development of the western region, comprehensive revitalization of northeast China, vigorously promote the central region, gradient development, this is the first clear region


al economic belt positioning, gradient development, form new economic support.At the same time, the Yangtze river delta, pan-pearl river delta and bohai sea and the beijing-tianjin-hebei region economic cooperation formed three main economic belt.GuanQing, vice President of the people's livelihood securities research institute, says, is expected to come on stage, in the first half of the capital economic circle planning become policy fastest landing area.For the first time put forward the "blue homeland"Report is put forward for the first time, "homeland" is our precious blue ocean, will comprehensively implement the strategy of Marine, construction of sea power.GuanQing friends think that, from a security perspective, which is beneficial to strengthening maritime military strength, continue to push forward area air defense recognition, become passive to active, from the economic point of view, is advantageous to the development of Marine economy, make the 21st century maritime silk road, from an environmental point of view, is advantageous to the control of Marine pollution.For the first time said to wage war on pollutionReport and actions to strengthen   new balance 420 sale  pollution control, and said "we are going to like the war on poverty, determined to wage war on pollution."GuanQing friend, said the report puts forward the energy saving renovation of compressed coal, the use of clean energy, speed up the capacity elimination, spreading zone and the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei industry such as a variety of channels, by comprehensive control of haze, and emphasis on water and soil pollution control, construction of beautiful countryside, expects the sewage disposal action plan will be issued as soon as possible.For the first time to write the Internet financeGovernment first pointed out that promoting the healthy development of the Internet financial perfecting financial 


supervision coordination mechanism, close monitoring of cross-border capital flows, systemic and regional financial risk does not occur to hold the line.The CPPCC national committee, baidu CEO robin li believes that the Internet is the financial markets "litmus test", the government built a encouraging innovation and healthy competition market environment, is the economic transformation of a dose of "alternative" {focus on all the government income is included in the budget, at all levels of government budget and final accounts to the public, the "three fairs" funds of all funding for open.Expanding the scope of the "battalion to add" pilot industry, promote the consumption tax, resources tax reform, to do a good job of real estate tax, tax legislation related to environmental protection.The local government debt in budget management.Strictly carry out "took three chapters.Start the official cars system reform.}"Three fairs" funding public corner less and lessAlthough the report about the bus reform only one sentence, but the reform direction and path is already clear.Announced in last November's "regulations on the party and government organs to economize against waste is put forward, the reform of state-owned cars physical distribution methods, cancel the general public transport, keep the necessary law enforcement officers, confidential communications, emergency and special professional car and other  new balance 574 mens vehicles equipped with by the regulation.Ordinary business travel by public servants independent choice, executes socialization.High social awareness, "the bus reform for brewing time is long. This announced the launch, reflects the strong determination to government reform itself, a popular, public opinion."The nationalPeople's congress, anhui tongling city mayor Hou Ximin said.Hou Ximin think, as long as the plan is reasonable, the bus reform completely can achieve expected 

ypes of intercontinental ballistic

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missile tests, and the United States in advance received the notification, the Russian "such notification in advance in order to build confidence and predictability, transparency, help avoid misunderstandings on both sides."Russia's strategic rocket soldiers currently has about 500 different types of intercontinental ballistic missiles, including about 300 "poplar RS - 12 m" intercontinental ballistic missile.This kind of missiles with a range of 10000 kilometers.Its flight speed, anti-interference and penetration ability.Start to Ukraine, ministerial consultationsRussian media host program of the kremlin3, the Russian state media "Russia today" (RT) of a host in the program suddenly "rare" condemned the government    new balance 580 for sale  policy of Crimea, causing concern.Say "no defending aggression""Although I work for RT, but that doesn't mean I don't have the editorial independence."3 local time, RT America channel show host Abby Martin on the end of suddenly said, "I can't emphasize how I strongly oppose any country interfere in other countries affairs."Martin said, "Russia has done is wrong.""I admit that I'm Ukrainian history and the culture of the region dynamic know enough, but I also know that military intervention will never solve the problem. I will not sit here to defend military aggression."Martin said in the show.Martin is American, she said, her usual and go to attend a protest rally against military intervention, so she feel the moral obligation to express your point of view, even if it will make her lose their jobs.Media executives said not punishmentMartin's comments were broadcast live, quickly became a hot topic.4, RT official statements, the media will not punish Martin."RT journalists don't force yourself to obey. They are free to express their views, not only in private, can also be in the show."RT has said.But the official comments to the press also said that given the understanding of the status quo of the Crimean Martin mentioned is not deep, so will send her to the Crimea, give her a chance to know the story is the most core area.Martin 


initially rejected the company of this arrangement, but then change her attitude, said it would reconsider RT's proposal.After 95 minutes of flesh, the Chinese men's team in the final round of the Asian cup qualifier on the evening of December 5, though a 3-1 defeat in Iraq, but on the other team "help" of Thailand, with a goal difference advantage edging out Lebanon, to the third best group breathtaking promotion in the Asian cup finals in Australia in 2015.When the team's draw line again, when people think players will not be easily through the league and the champions league to temper capsized, international players have what nothing.To fight didn't fight, to no tactics, to cooperate not cooperate, no offense to attack.If it does not have the final phase of the penalty spot, no Thailand "help" scored the Lebanon, Chinese football will swallow again.Although the team's final crammed into the Asian cup finals on goal difference, but we still should reflect: why Chinese football even Asian cup qualifiers so hard?The World Cup, and almost no Asian cup, made "the massacre" where is the bottom line of the Chinese football?A failure again exactly when   new balance 576 mens      Chinese football can make people see hope?The core of China's two sessions this year, focus on the premier li keqiang on March 5, the 12th session of the National People's Congress second conference "government work report".This is the most important Chinese economic decisions report, national attention, the attention of the world.China's economic decisions is how to make?What important program after?Why do you say Chinese economic decisions is a typical public decision-making democratization, scientific, institutionalized process?In this year's government work report, decision-making mechanism, for example, has experienced two stages, the formation and implementation), concrete is divided into five steps:The first step is the central committee of the communist party of China.On December 10, 2013-13, the central economic work conference.Should participate in number more than the number of central plenary session, not only 


covers the vast majority of members and alternate members, also include other head, equivalent to "central plenary session".This meeting to share information, exchange of views on the central and local, brainstorming, consensus, make important decisions about economic work next year.Then, on December 23, held a central rural work conference on 24th.The second step is the decision of the state council.According to the central economic work conference spirit, drafting the "government work report" by the state council, opinions from all sides.Draft report issued by the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the related departments for advice, including the National People's Congress and the standing committee of the CPPCC.This made fully prepared for held two sessions, the equivalent of the meeting information communication, information sharing, information exchange, and the integration of different opinions.On February 24, jinping hosted general secretary of the political bureau of the CPC central committee meeting to discuss the government work report, once again confirm BaoGaoGao approval, finish the report preparation.The third step is the decision of the National People's Congress.Fully prepared, by the prime minister made the government work report to the National People's Congress meeting, deputy to the National People's Congress, CPPCC member new balance 998 running shoes to review the report and discussion, and put forward modify opinions and Suggestions, finally by the National People's Congress (NPC) through resolution about the government work report, since then by the state council decision into a decision of the National People's Congress, completing the process of China's economic decisions.Then, enter the stage of to carry out the implementation of economic decisions.The fourth step is to carry out the decisions

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